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» Align Bore & Balancing

Our align boring department provides a wide variety of services for our customers. With our Berco Align Boring machine we bore main lines for many diesel, industrial, agricultural, passenger car, and performance applications. We then use our Sunnen align hone to ensure a high quality finish. In antique applications we are familiar and can handle your babbitt mains. Working in conjunction with our crankshaft department we are able to provide main clearances to whatever specifications you desire while holding the highest tolerances.

This area also utilizes a Hines Balancing machine. With this machine we can check your rods, pistons and crankshaft for imbalance, and balance as necessary to provide you with a smooth running engine. This is common in performance engines, and in personal use vehicles when people desire the highest in quality with their engine rebuild.

Our Bridgeport is one our most versatile machines, often filling the gaps between many other more specialized machines. It allows us to often machine parts that are irregularly shaped, or that may have a hard to reach area. It’s commonly used to install heavy metal in crankshafts for balancing, cutting performance main caps, converting blocks from 2 bolt to 4 bolt mains, fly-cutting pistons, and much more.

This area also installs all of our camshaft bearings. Don’t forget when bringing your block in for us to recondition, to also bring your camshaft. If your camshaft would require replacement, our skilled parts staff is eager to help you in selecting proper cam for your project. When available, we test fit your cam after cam bearing installation to ensure proper cam fit and alignment.